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AZZ Cardfile 3.3.1

AZZ Cardfile 3.3 is a manager of personal information on various themes
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AZZ Cardfile 3.3 is a personal information manager that allows you to manage your data: addresses, phone numbers, notes, references, recipes, etc.
The advantage of the program seems to be in its free-form cardfile type that allows us filling in the cards with only essential information on various themes. You can create different databases of cards and save them on your PC as just one file, which is very convenient. Flexible card options help the users perform various operations on cards, such as changing and adding the information, choosing the background color, embedding MS Excel worksheets, inserting pictures (bmp, gif, jpg and wmf formats) and sounds, and other. AZZ Cardfile also has some text formatting features: highlighting the text, superscript, subscript. The title of the card can be found with the help of a filter by typing the initial letters.

Among additional but not least valuable options available in the program one can find printing selected cards, or printing the full list; sending e-mails using default e-mail client app; networking; phones dialing using internal or Microsoft phone dialer. Altogether this set of options can satisfy even the most demaning users. The only thing that can disappoint is the poor standard interface, yet easy in use.

Review summary


  • Free-form cardfile type
  • Filter for searching cards
  • Useful text formatting features


  • Homely interface
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